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Dr Adam Fityan

Photodermatology, paediatric dermatology and medical dermatology
BM BSc(Hons) MRCP (UK) (Dermatology)

Dr Fityan joined the Trust as a consultant dermatologist in January 2014 and provides general dermatology clinics managing a range of acute and chronic inflammatory dermatoses, as well as a paediatric dermatology clinic, a joint clinic with rheumatology colleagues for patients with complex connective tissue disease and a specialist regional photodermatology clinic. 

Dr Fityan runs a regional photodermatology clinic that provides investigation and care for patients with skin conditions brought on or worsened by exposure to light, for example polymorphic light eruption, solar urticaria and chronic actinic dermatitis.

In addition, he works one day a week as an Honorary consultant dermatologist at the St John’s Institute of dermatology, Guy’s Hospital, London within the specialist photodermatology and National cutaneous porphyria clinic. 

Dr Fityan is also the postgraduate lead for training in dermatology, the lead for phototherapy and photodermatology and the lead for paediatric dermatology.